Bernie Sanders Should Rescind His Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

July 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Pick is a Disaster

I posted something to Bernie Sander’s Facebook page yesterday which I’d like to publish here, with minor changes.

BERNIE SANDERS — there is no other place for me to post so I will post here. I’m an attorney from NY and now I live in Maine. What the DNC did to you was disgraceful! Immoral, not to mention illegal. Now it makes sense — you win a state and somehow Hillary Clinton gets more delegates than you do? This has happened throughout the primary season.

We are intelligent progressives and we want you to fight at the DNC in Philly. We don’t want you to roll over. We believe you can win. We believe you were scammed out of delegates and that Clinton was picked, courted and given money from SuperPACs for before you ever entered the race and before ONE vote was cast! Please retract your support for her for now — she should have made you VP. Guess what she did? She picked someone who is a really “nice guy” and a “good politician” but will do NOTHING to get her into the White House! I tweeted to her every day to add you as VP or Elizabeth Warren.

Tim Kaine is not progressive and never was. He’s too moderate for me. He previously opposed abortion. He said he would uphold the law, but that means he won’t put pro-abortion people on SCOTUS if he were to run for president. He’s too conservative from a progressive point of view.

Clinton’s Pick of Tim Kaine Ignores Millennials and Progressives

Hillary has ignored millennials and progressives by picking him. I’m a Baby Boomer but my daughter and her generation are a larger demographic than Baby Boomers are now. Hillary did not think about the millennials when she made her pick, and it was a BAD, BAD move. She will lose this election because of it, and also because she is unpopular. She thinks she can win on her own, and she can’t. She needs help.

No, It’s Not Pie in the Sky —Bernie Can Still Win With a Fight on the DNC Floor

YOU, however, can win. You can energize people to vote for you and you have done that sir. People will go to the polls begrudgingly to vote for her, while people will race to the polls to vote for you. I have heard more people say they will vote for the Green Party candidate or stay home than vote for Hillary. YOU are the one who can beat TRUMP. Hillary will get TRUMPED.

So here’s what you need to do — take the fight to the floor of the DNC in Philly. There are delegates there who will be passionate for you and they will back you. They didn’t go there to see you capitulate. Don’t back her — retract it and rethink this. She’s not going to appoint you anytime soon, so who cares what she thinks? We want you to win, and we want the Democratic Party to win. It cannot win without you. Please reconsider and please take this fight to the floor.

I hope you read this and think this through. What’s important is that I believe in you, we all do, and we want you to take the fight to the floor. YOU can beat Trump. She can’t, not with a ticket that 1) is boring and 2) includes her without someone progressive. Do you KNOW WHY she wants someone who as VP can take over as Pres immediately? Sure you do — you are super intelligent and so insightful. You know she’s worried about getting indicted and if she does, voila, she has her VP who can fill right in. You could have done it, Elizabeth Warren could have done it, but Hillary’s ego wouldn’t allow you, and her ego wouldn’t allow Elizabeth Warren who would upstage Hillary in a heartbeat. Nope, Hillary (and now Bill) is all ego and that will cost her the election.

Michael Moore Sadly (He Says) Predicts a Trump Victory

Michael Moore is already predicting that Donald Trump will win, especially now that Hillary picked Kaine. No disrespect to Tim Kaine, but he isn’t what we were looking for. It’s a slap in the face to the 13+ million of us who supported you. It’s like she thinks she can get to Pennsylvania Avenue without us. SHE CAN’T! PLEASE TAKE THIS FIGHT TO THE FLOOR OF THE DNC AND LET THEM HAVE IT FOR WHAT THEY DID TO YOU. THEY WILL SUPPORT YOU AND THE SUPERDELEGATES WILL FLIP TO YOU.

Thank you for your years of service and I hope you will take this to heart. You can reach me by first name, last name on gmail or here. I’ll be happy to talk to you at any time. Thank you for considering this! THE RNC was nothing — as Dustin Hoffman said in Wag the Dog, “This is nothing, this is nothing.” Wait till they see the DNC and the floor fight. IT MUST HAPPEN or we will LOSE.

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The Democratic Party’s Nominating Process is Unfair and Should be Overhauled

April 20, 2016

New York’s primary is behind us and I hope it’s an anomaly in Bernie Sander’s quest for the Democratic Party nomination. There’s just one thing standing in the way, absent an indictment of Hillary Clinton—the Superdelegates.

Hillary Clinton had Hundreds of Superdelegates Before Anyone Voted

Hillary Clinton got 15% of the delegates needed to win the nomination before the first Democrat had even cast a vote. How is this fair? Her name recognition is one thing but she actually started wooing them early. Then include CNN, or as I call it, Corporate Nepotism Network, which insists on adding Superdelegates to the total amount of delegates and it shows that Bernie Sanders has a deep hole to climb out of. Can it be done?

Statistically it can. Momentum shows it can. New York may have been just a temporary setback and hopefully he can gain momentum back as other Northeast and Western states vote soon. However, you’d have to be on another planet not to notice the back-pocket deals that were made before one single person cast a vote for a Democrat. This is inherently unfair and the Democratic Party should do something immediately to revamp their system or they’re going to be the cause of creating a strong third-party.

Not that that’s a bad thing. We need a strong third-party. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party is going to create one from its inherently unfair system which awards Superdelegates based on back-room deals, corporate promises and other shady dealings. This shouldn’t be the way to the White House. Our Democracy should be better than that.

Time for a New Three-Party System

Unless the Democratic Party does away with Superdelegates–which Republicans barely have—there will be so many write-in votes for Bernie Sanders that it could erode any chance of Hillary getting into the White House. However, caveat emptor—it also may play right into the hands of the Republicans and allow a Trump or some other hatemonger to get elected. Is that what the Democratic Party wants?

The Democratic Party Better Rethink the Superdelegate System Immediately

If having so many Superdelegates is the reason Hillary Clinton gets the required amount of delegates, then the Democratic Party had better figure out what it’s going to do because it’s going to lose a lot of grassroots Democrat support. Many Bernie supporters are prepared to support him as a write-in or Third Party candidate.

It’s time for a three-party system anyway, and Superdelegates may be the impetus for it.

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Ronna Lambiasi DeLoe

New York District Court Judge Denies Emergency Order for Open Primary But Allows Lawsuit to Continue

April 19, 2016

A lawsuit was brought in a New York Federal District Court in Long Island seeking an order which would allow Independents to vote by affidavit or by provisional ballot. The lawsuit sought a temporary restraining order (TRO) challenging New York’s closed primary. The presiding judge is a George W. Bush appointee. Most of the challengers are Democrats, so the random selection of the judge doesn’t bode well for the challengers.

Judge Denied Temporary Restraining Order and Emergency Order

The judge denied the TRO but did not dismiss the lawsuit. In allowing the lawsuit to continue, the judge noted that the defendant was improperly designated as the New York State Board of Elections. Instead, the judge said that each county’s Board of Elections should be defendants in this lawsuit.

The judge’s decision is ludicrous and is going to make it more difficult to get results. As a New York lawyer and a former New Yorker for 50 years, I have never seen so many voting issues in the state.

If this suit were in Maine, where I live now, there wouldn’t be a problem–there are only 16 counties, and while it wouldn’t be prohibitive, each county’s Board of Elections could be served. New York has 62–not a typo, sixty-two–counties. This is going to make the lawsuit prohibitive, time-consuming, expensive, and it’s unknown what impact the lawsuit will have on the New York Primary, if any.

New York Voters Were Encouraged to Vote by Affidavit or Provisional Ballot

New York is one of the states which has a closed primary. Unless you are a registered Democrat or Republican, you cannot vote in New York’s primary. The problem with this is that many other states have open primaries or caucuses and there are many Independents in New York who cannot and could not vote in the primary. Likewise, there were monumental issues of disenfranchisement this time around. Somehow, election officials can’t explain it.

Many of the disenfranchised voters are in Brooklyn. One explanation is that when people voted after Superstorm Sandy, Governor Cuomo allowed voting by affidavit because of the chaos that ensued after the storm. Brooklyn was one of the boroughs that was hit hard by Sandy. The mayor, Bill de Blasio,  stated there were more than 120,000 people who were unable to vote or who suddenly found that their names were missing from the voting rolls. He called for an investigation into this massive disenfranchisement. Actually, there were more than 126,000 people disenfranchised.

Others simply could not vote because they are Independents, and unless they signed up as a Democrat or Republican in October, they could not vote in the New York primary. However, there were many Democrats who couldn’t vote because their names were nowhere to be found.

New York’s Voting Registration Laws are Outdated

New York’s voting registration laws are not only outdated but they’re unfair. For a primary that is held in April, people would have to register to vote the previous October. As we all know, a lot has happened since October 2015. A little-known Bernie Sanders has suddenly arrived on the scene and he’s got to be taken seriously. His campaign has more momentum than any other candidates’ campaign. He went from a complete underdog to a possible contender in just a few months.

Most other states allow either open primaries, same-day voter registration or voter registration within weeks of the primary. Not so in New York. New York, the last state to convert to no-fault divorce, is surprisingly behind-the-times for such a progressive state.

During Primary Day, Voters Were Encouraged to Vote by Affidavit or by Provisional Ballot

Because of the uncertainty of the lawsuit, Election Justice USA urged voters to vote by either affidavit or by provisional ballot. Voters were urged to stick to their guns and stay at their polling places, refusing to leave until they were able to fill out a ballot of some sort.

The court proceeding was scheduled earlier but was moved to 2:00 p.m. Because the outcome was unknown, Independents and disenfranchised voters were told to vote anyway because their ballots might be counted.

Now it’s possible that we may not have accurate results from New York for a while.

Why Did it Take so Long for a Lawsuit to be Filed?

This is the question of the day and nobody seems to be able to answer it. An earlier-filed lawsuit might have made a big difference in the outcome of the New York Democratic primary. After all, many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are Independents and a positive outcome would have favored him.

During today’s primary, there were issues of voter irregularities such as voting lists which have been purged, broken ballot machines, lost ballots, and more. The New York Attorney General’s Office normally gets about 150 complaints by voters during elections. Within the last few days, the AG’s Office received more than 702 complaints.

It remains to be seen if the provisional ballots and affidavits filled out by disenfranchised people will count. Stay tuned for the latest on this developing story. The takeaway is, of course, that the results of the Democratic primary in New York do not, at this time, accurately reflect the will of the New York voting public.

What difficulties did you encounter when voting? Did you vote in the city, suburbs or upstate New York? Please leave a comment and click the “follow” button on the left.

Ronna Lambiasi DeLoe