Bernie Sanders Should Rescind His Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

July 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Pick is a Disaster

I posted something to Bernie Sander’s Facebook page yesterday which I’d like to publish here, with minor changes.

BERNIE SANDERS — there is no other place for me to post so I will post here. I’m an attorney from NY and now I live in Maine. What the DNC did to you was disgraceful! Immoral, not to mention illegal. Now it makes sense — you win a state and somehow Hillary Clinton gets more delegates than you do? This has happened throughout the primary season.

We are intelligent progressives and we want you to fight at the DNC in Philly. We don’t want you to roll over. We believe you can win. We believe you were scammed out of delegates and that Clinton was picked, courted and given money from SuperPACs for before you ever entered the race and before ONE vote was cast! Please retract your support for her for now — she should have made you VP. Guess what she did? She picked someone who is a really “nice guy” and a “good politician” but will do NOTHING to get her into the White House! I tweeted to her every day to add you as VP or Elizabeth Warren.

Tim Kaine is not progressive and never was. He’s too moderate for me. He previously opposed abortion. He said he would uphold the law, but that means he won’t put pro-abortion people on SCOTUS if he were to run for president. He’s too conservative from a progressive point of view.

Clinton’s Pick of Tim Kaine Ignores Millennials and Progressives

Hillary has ignored millennials and progressives by picking him. I’m a Baby Boomer but my daughter and her generation are a larger demographic than Baby Boomers are now. Hillary did not think about the millennials when she made her pick, and it was a BAD, BAD move. She will lose this election because of it, and also because she is unpopular. She thinks she can win on her own, and she can’t. She needs help.

No, It’s Not Pie in the Sky —Bernie Can Still Win With a Fight on the DNC Floor

YOU, however, can win. You can energize people to vote for you and you have done that sir. People will go to the polls begrudgingly to vote for her, while people will race to the polls to vote for you. I have heard more people say they will vote for the Green Party candidate or stay home than vote for Hillary. YOU are the one who can beat TRUMP. Hillary will get TRUMPED.

So here’s what you need to do — take the fight to the floor of the DNC in Philly. There are delegates there who will be passionate for you and they will back you. They didn’t go there to see you capitulate. Don’t back her — retract it and rethink this. She’s not going to appoint you anytime soon, so who cares what she thinks? We want you to win, and we want the Democratic Party to win. It cannot win without you. Please reconsider and please take this fight to the floor.

I hope you read this and think this through. What’s important is that I believe in you, we all do, and we want you to take the fight to the floor. YOU can beat Trump. She can’t, not with a ticket that 1) is boring and 2) includes her without someone progressive. Do you KNOW WHY she wants someone who as VP can take over as Pres immediately? Sure you do — you are super intelligent and so insightful. You know she’s worried about getting indicted and if she does, voila, she has her VP who can fill right in. You could have done it, Elizabeth Warren could have done it, but Hillary’s ego wouldn’t allow you, and her ego wouldn’t allow Elizabeth Warren who would upstage Hillary in a heartbeat. Nope, Hillary (and now Bill) is all ego and that will cost her the election.

Michael Moore Sadly (He Says) Predicts a Trump Victory

Michael Moore is already predicting that Donald Trump will win, especially now that Hillary picked Kaine. No disrespect to Tim Kaine, but he isn’t what we were looking for. It’s a slap in the face to the 13+ million of us who supported you. It’s like she thinks she can get to Pennsylvania Avenue without us. SHE CAN’T! PLEASE TAKE THIS FIGHT TO THE FLOOR OF THE DNC AND LET THEM HAVE IT FOR WHAT THEY DID TO YOU. THEY WILL SUPPORT YOU AND THE SUPERDELEGATES WILL FLIP TO YOU.

Thank you for your years of service and I hope you will take this to heart. You can reach me by first name, last name on gmail or here. I’ll be happy to talk to you at any time. Thank you for considering this! THE RNC was nothing — as Dustin Hoffman said in Wag the Dog, “This is nothing, this is nothing.” Wait till they see the DNC and the floor fight. IT MUST HAPPEN or we will LOSE.

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Ronna Lambiasi DeLoe


4 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Should Rescind His Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

    1. Thank you for your comment. I hope Bernie Sanders really does this and that there’s a fight on the DNC floor! What the DNC did to Bernie was disgraceful, giving Hillary Clinton everything including delegates she did not win.


  1. The whole process of selecting candidates has left me totally disgusted. I don’t recall that this nation has been in a worse situation as far as the choice that we have for president. As a progressive, I too urge Bernie to reconsider. He is by far the best choice of the three. His views on our educational system, the most serious issue that we are facing, are unmatched. America will never be great if we continue to allow our education system to decline.

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