The Democratic Party’s Nominating Process is Unfair and Should be Overhauled

April 20, 2016

New York’s primary is behind us and I hope it’s an anomaly in Bernie Sander’s quest for the Democratic Party nomination. There’s just one thing standing in the way, absent an indictment of Hillary Clinton—the Superdelegates.

Hillary Clinton had Hundreds of Superdelegates Before Anyone Voted

Hillary Clinton got 15% of the delegates needed to win the nomination before the first Democrat had even cast a vote. How is this fair? Her name recognition is one thing but she actually started wooing them early. Then include CNN, or as I call it, Corporate Nepotism Network, which insists on adding Superdelegates to the total amount of delegates and it shows that Bernie Sanders has a deep hole to climb out of. Can it be done?

Statistically it can. Momentum shows it can. New York may have been just a temporary setback and hopefully he can gain momentum back as other Northeast and Western states vote soon. However, you’d have to be on another planet not to notice the back-pocket deals that were made before one single person cast a vote for a Democrat. This is inherently unfair and the Democratic Party should do something immediately to revamp their system or they’re going to be the cause of creating a strong third-party.

Not that that’s a bad thing. We need a strong third-party. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party is going to create one from its inherently unfair system which awards Superdelegates based on back-room deals, corporate promises and other shady dealings. This shouldn’t be the way to the White House. Our Democracy should be better than that.

Time for a New Three-Party System

Unless the Democratic Party does away with Superdelegates–which Republicans barely have—there will be so many write-in votes for Bernie Sanders that it could erode any chance of Hillary getting into the White House. However, caveat emptor—it also may play right into the hands of the Republicans and allow a Trump or some other hatemonger to get elected. Is that what the Democratic Party wants?

The Democratic Party Better Rethink the Superdelegate System Immediately

If having so many Superdelegates is the reason Hillary Clinton gets the required amount of delegates, then the Democratic Party had better figure out what it’s going to do because it’s going to lose a lot of grassroots Democrat support. Many Bernie supporters are prepared to support him as a write-in or Third Party candidate.

It’s time for a three-party system anyway, and Superdelegates may be the impetus for it.

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Ronna Lambiasi DeLoe


3 thoughts on “The Democratic Party’s Nominating Process is Unfair and Should be Overhauled

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s really unfair when HRC got Superdelegates before even one vote was cast. That’s not Democracy and that’s not how we should operate. Shame on the Democratic Party for allowing this.


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