#FeeltheBern–Can Bernie Still Win?


March 25, 2016

If you’ve been watching this election, or even if you’ve been doing everything you can to stay away from it, you know Hillary Clinton is leading in delegate counts among Democrats, even without the so-called Superdelegates. You also know that Bernie Sanders’ supporters have more passion for him than Hillary’s supporters have for her. Can Bernie pull off a major upset?

Caucuses on March 26, 2016

Look no further than the caucuses on Saturday, March 26, 2016 and we’ll all be in a better position to know where he stands. Caucuses in Washington State, Alaska and Hawaii will give us an idea if Bernie Sanders can make as much of an impact in the west as he did in New England and in some of the states in the Midwest.

Bernie’s supporters are passionate, ready to debate about their candidate, and will stand on lines for hours to vote for him. While many Hillary supporters feel strongly about her, she doesn’t bring out the passion in a lot of her supporters as Bernie does. The smartest thing both candidates can do is run together, but most news articles say that’s not going to happen. Nothing would bring the Democratic Party and Independents together as a Bernie/Hillary or Hillary/Bernie coalition but you know Obama didn’t ask Hillary to be his running mate so it’s unlikely to happen here.

What Happens in the West May Determine the Rest

Whether Bernie can pull off a major upset depends on what happens in the next few weeks, before states like New York and Pennsylvania vote. Then perhaps he can fool the pollsters again. They thought Hillary was going to beat Obama in 2008. Surprise! Didn’t happen. Can Bernie pull an Obama-like comeback?

Statistically it’s an uphill battle for him and he’d have to win by large margins, similar to the ones he won in Idaho and in Utah. But wait–Idaho and Utah gave him approximately an 80% lead in both states. That’s a landslide. If that’s any indication, he may have some life left in his campaign.

Tune in tomorrow to see what happens with the Washington, Alaska and Hawaii caucuses. And yes, many Democrats will end up voting for Hillary if she’s the Democratic candidate, if only to stop whoever the Republicans put up, although that’s a story for another day.

Social Injustice?

By the way, why is politics on a page about social injustice? That’s what Bernie Sanders wants to fix. And he’s got the moxie, momentum and brains to do it.

Ronna Lambiasi DeLoe





2 thoughts on “#FeeltheBern–Can Bernie Still Win?

  1. People counted Obama out. Bernie is the only Democrat who has momentum and who has received backing from grass roots supporters, people like you and me instead of the super PACs. I hope people keep turning out to vote in record numbers. I’m from NY originally and I have a lot of New Yorkers on my FB page, so I keep urging them to vote for Bernie. I’m also urging people on my page who are located in Wisconsin and California, also Oregon, etc., to do the same. I’m tweeting all day to urge people to vote for Bernie. It’s still possible. especially after his three-state sweep out west this weekend.
    Thanks for your comment. I hope we’re both right.


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