Maine’s Implementation of Section 17 Mental Health Cuts is Unjust and DHHS Head Mary Mayhew Should Resign


March 28, 2016

Maine will go down in history for having the worst record for mental health care in the country. This will be a terrible legacy for Mary Mayhew, DHHS’s head. Prior calls for her resignation should be stepped up. She should indeed resign. It’s fair to say she has no idea what she is doing. The people no longer covered by Maine Care’s Section 17 will be in the thousands. Thousands of people will no longer get coverage because they don’t have schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders.

Section 17 does not allow for thousands of people with other mental health illnesses and issues, such as bipolar disorder, depression, agoraphobia, anxiety, and a host of other issues to get coverage. They will be on their own as of April 8. This has already been implemented and unless someone can get Governor LePage to change his mind, the mental health care industry will suffer a severe blow.

DHHS Head Mary Mayhew Should Resign

Section 17 is already causing one big mental health care company in the state to close its doors in a few weeks. As I indicated previously, my daughter is a DLS worker. She and her co-workers just learned that they are out of jobs. I advised her over the weekend to send out her resume, which she did. She is lucky she has a college degree to fall back on. Not everyone is in that position. She still has to get another job and still has to wonder how her rent will be paid.

Thank you, DHHS head Mary Mayhew for adding thousands of trained people–people who spent 2-4 years of their lives getting mental health certifications–to the newly unemployed. Thank you for taking vital services away from the people who need it most. We’ll call on you when the hospitals are filled to capacity with mentally ill people or people with depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues such as agoraphobia and severe anxiety. Hopefully they won’t add to the criminal activity in the state. Hopefully they won’t add to the state’s homelessness. Maybe when these inevitable things happen you’ll realize what you did.

Governor LePage Should be Impeached or Resign

The blame also falls upon Governor LePage, who has shown time after time that he doesn’t care about the people of this state. The people who need help the most–people with mental illnesses who rely upon health care workers to help them with daily chores and routines, who rely upon workers to help improve their moods and keep them out of hospitals so they can stay home–are always affected by this governor.

It’s time for LePage to either resign or be impeached, and I’m not the only one calling for this. Impeachment has been brought up before. Now it’s time to revisit the issue. LePage’s nonsensical and cruel treatment for some mentally ill patients is to house them in the Windham Correctional Facility. Let’s face it–he has no clue what he’s doing, and he’s affecting thousands of people in the state. 

State mental health care cuts is part of a national crisis. People claim that violent acts, such as the ones committed in Newtown, upon Gabby Giffords in Arizona, and the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, to name a few, would not have happened if the mental health care system was working. It’s not, and LePage is creating more dangerous situations right here in Maine.

LePage will have the blood of people who have lost their mental health services on his hands should they commit suicide. He will be responsible for a rapidly growing unemployment rate and thereby increasing the depression rate among Maine citizens. He is creating an environment where horrible acts of violence  could happen here, right in Maine.

Remember These Cuts Next Time You Vote

Republicans seem to enjoy cutting out vital services. They pat themselves on the back for saving money. Their short-sighted ideas usually backfire. The changes to Section 17 are going to create a situation where:

  • Thousands of skilled workers lose their jobs 
  • Companies all around the state will be forced to close
  • Hospitals will be filled to capacity
  • Ridiculous scenarios such as housing mentally ill patients in Windham Correctional will happen
  • Homelessness will increase
  • Depression will become rampant
  • The suicide rate will increase
  • The crime rate will increase
  • People’s lives will be destroyed

Both Governor LePage and DHHS Head Mary Mayhew Should Resign

If you want to point fingers, Governor LePage and Mary Mayhew deserve the blame. LePage should be impeached or should resign. Democrats should take up the call to start impeachment proceedings again. 

My daughter’s company has hundreds of patients who will be without care. That’s just one company. There are many such companies in the state. The patients will all be without their DSL workers and case managers. How are these people supposed to survive? How can we tell them that we care when the state government doesn’t care?

Remember this next time you think about voting Republican. Make sure Mary Mayhew doesn’t get near the State House as she is hoping to do after LePage’s term is up. Let’s all make sure that never happens.

The government in this state is a disgrace and an embarrassment when it comes to labor, mental health, education and so many other issues. In the name of saving money, it takes away services from the most needy. LePage and Mayhew will have the blood of these people on their hands. As John Lennon wrote, How do you sleep?

Ronna Lambiasi DeLoe








Maine’s Section 17 Will Cost Mental Health Workers Their Jobs and People With Mental Health Issues Will Lose Vital Services


March 26, 2015

Any loss of mental health care is going to impact the people who need it most–people who are able to stay home and avoid hospitalization because they have dedicated workers helping them with daily living and with achieving goals to become more self-sufficient.

My daughter is one such worker. She is a DLS worker–which stands for Daily Living Support. It is unknown how many of these workers are in Maine, but the estimate is anywhere from several hundred to over a thousand. She is luckier than most DLS workers–she also has a English to fall back on if she needs it. Let’s hope she doesn’t.

DLS Workers May be Out of a Job

She’s going to need it the way things are going. According to the Beacon, Governor LePage, the trash-talking governor who said he would tell Obama to kiss his ass if he won the race for governor, blamed proposed cuts to mental health services in Maine on the federal government .To which my daughter replied, if that’s true, why aren’t other states doing this? Well said. A twenty-something with more brains than the governor apparently. Then again, LePage is probably counting on many of us to not rise up against him. Think again, gov.

The Ever-Unpopular Governor LePage

Keep in mind that LePage won the state with approximately 1/3 of the vote. That’s because someone named Eliot Cutler decided to run as an Independent, twice, which split the Democratic vote. That means approximately 2/3 of the people in the state do not like or are vehemently opposed to the governor and anything he stands for. Need I remind everyone that no sooner did he take office, he took down the mural at the Statehouse depicting laborers, those very people who built Maine from the ground up. The mural had been there for decades. That’s why our governor, who is an embarrassment to rational people everywhere, is #Notmygovernor. 

According to news reports from Maine, Section 17 is this nasty section in the law which is going to take away health care for mental health patients except for those who have schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders. This leaves out patients or clients who have depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, and other mental health issues. The clients (for lack of a better word, as they are somewhere in-between clients and patients) look forward to their DLS worker coming to help them. DLS workers are specially trained and some have received post-graduate certifications, such as my daughter. Others have other types of certifications to allow them to work with these clients.

When my daughter is afraid that she will be losing her job because of health care cuts, something is terribly wrong with our system. She is one of hundreds of workers who are affected. There are thousands of clients who are affected. It’s possible many of these health care companies will go out of business. Whose idea was this anyway? These clients need cheering up, need help with daily chores, and need assistance getting out of their apartments or houses. DLS workers are not glorified babysitters. They perform vital services to the people who need it most, and that is what is on the chopping block.

What is Proposed?

Section 17 is the legislation that was proposed by Governor LePage and his alter-ego, DHHS head Mary Mayhew. Ms. Mayhew was once a Democrat. She is now supposedly expressing an interest in running as a Republican when LePage’s term is up. She helped propose the cuts to mental health clients. As reported in the Beacon dated March 25, 2016:

Early this year, Mayhew attempted to change the rules for determining the level of mental disability of a client and the amount of corresponding benefits they are eligible for from an individual centered assessment to a simple standardized test. While Mayhew spoke of efficiency, this test had the potential to throw thousands of severely mentally handicapped Mainers out of needed support systems.

The proposal is that only clients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders will continue to receive DLS services. Where my daughter works, there are approximately 7 out of 70 clients who will still be eligible for services. The remaining 63 people will be on their own. The company probably will not need many DLS workers on its staff. The company could be in jeopardy of closing, along with other mental health-related businesses in Maine.

What Will Happen to the Mental Health Industry in Maine?

This is going to backfire on the governor who is not thinking this through. Many of these companies will go under. Many of the people who can no longer receive services will flood the hospitals and will not be able to stay at home. Most of the DLS workers and case workers will be out of jobs. The unemployment rate will skyrocket.

The governor, the most anti-labor governor I have ever witnessed, doesn’t care. He’s made that abundantly clear time after time. He’s blaming the federal government? We’re not that gullible. In fact, most of us are more educated than the governor, such as the undersigned. Yet he’s counting on the uninformed and the poor to just take it. Maybe he didn’t count on things like this blog or on the citizens of Maine who are really passionate about issues. Just look at the huge turnout for Bernie Sanders at the caucus and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Likewise, his crony DHHS head Mary Mayhew is just as responsible. There have been many calls for her resignation. She is running DHHS in an irresponsible way, cutting and cutting for people who need it the most. Maybe that is why she is now a Republican. In fact, as indicated in news stories, not one Republican in the Statehouse was in favor of keeping the mental health services intact. Only the Democrats are opposing this disastrous Section 17.

Five Democrats have petitioned the governor to review his decision to make these cuts. It would seem that the Democrats are the ones who care about this and how it affects their constituents. Maybe the GOP needs to be renamed. Don’t get me started. 

What Will Happen to the Mental Health Workers?

These proposed cuts are a tragedy in that they affect so many people–mental health clients the most, DLS and case managers, and the mental health industry and companies in Maine which could go out of business.

What was the point of the workers getting their additional degrees or certifications only to be told they can’t use them? The situation is disgraceful. I expect no less of Mary Mayhew or of Governor LePage. They’ve shown time and time again that the well-being of Mainers is not their concern. #Notmygovernor. #NewDHHSHeadNeeded.

Mental Health Clients, DLS Workers and Case Managers Will all Lose

When my daughter, who wants to help these people, tells me her clients are going to be devastated, she knows what she’s talking about. Not all the clients know that the axe is about to fall. She is not allowed to say anything. Her company is having emergency meetings next week. Who will be there to pick up the pieces of the mental health clients when they are without crucial services?

Civil Protests Needed

What will happen to the workers? Those with college degrees will be in better shape than those who don’t have them, but then there are also older workers. Don’t tell me there isn’t age discrimination in this state. I’m an attorney licensed in another state, and I have seen it in Maine more than in other states. In fact, the entire employment situation in this state is pitiful.

All we can do is hope LePage comes to his senses. I would call upon DLS workers and case managers, the mental health companies and concerned citizens to protest at the Statehouse. A civil protest. Let LePage and his Republican army know what we think of them.

Some of them will be up for re-election. Time to vote them out. Time to get rid of DHHS head Mary Mayhew now before she makes a bigger mess of this state. LePage has already done his share. At this juncture, he will be adding to it if he doesn’t do an about-face. Let’s hope the decision to review Section 17 doesn’t fall on deaf ears and that the governor really listens to the will of the people. 

What are your thoughts on this? Please comment. Please keep it clean so I can publish it. Thank you.

Ronna Lambiasi DeLoe   
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#DumpTrump–How Did we Get Here?


March 25, 2016

“Stopping Trump is a short-term solution. The long-term solution, and it will be more difficult, is fixing the education system that has created so many people ignorant enough to vote for Trump.” Andy Borowitz

The above quote would be funny if it weren’t true. How did we get here with Trump as the front-runner?

Donald Trump’s Background

Then there’s this information to ponder. Donald Trump has had three wives and four bankruptcies, he created a fake university, he outsourced jobs to Mexico and China, he was a draft-dodger who claimed that his sex life was his own “personal Vietnam,” he paid $1 million dollars to hire Polish workers at substandard wages, and he wants the courts to change libel laws so the media can be sued.

Of course, he also wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. He offered to pay legal fees for his most violent supporters who attack protesters. We know the rhetoric but the background information is also eye-opening.

Donald Trump’s Rhetoric

The rhetoric he uses applauds violence and shows how he wants to wield power. He stands behind his podium at rallies and says to the audience, “Get them out of here.”  His rhetoric has escalated since he started campaigning and now he’s avoiding appearances in some places because of anticipated riots–riots that he has fomented with his rhetoric of hate.

The rhetoric of hatred has no place in our society. Who is left for him to like other than white Anglo-Saxon men? He’s a misogynist, he is xenophobic–just ask the Mexicans, and he’s singling out Muslims with his rhetoric to deny them entry into this country. His rallies single out African-Americans–notice, they’re usually the ones being pushed out of the convention. Yet, there’s always one black face in the audience and the camera focuses on that one person. 

The Education System has Failed Us

We would hope that there are enough intelligent people in this country to know that Donald Trump is a loose cannon. He’s the best, he says, or the toughest, or the biggest or whatever other superlative he chooses to use.

Our educators and parents should have taught us that scapegoating is wrong as is hatred and intolerance. Perhaps the educators did teach us that but many people weren’t listening. Others were being pushed ahead to the next grade despite not being able to read or write. Many of Trump’s supporters aren’t tomorrow’s rocket scientists and to those who are, maybe it’s time for them to learn some compassion and tolerance

Should Mental Health Check-Ups be Required for Candidates?

To paraphrase Bernie Sanders, we need to invest more money in mental health treatment because of what the Republican Party is doing. That got a big laugh at one of the Democratic debates. Unfortunately, it’s not so ridiculous. Maybe we should require mental health check-ups for our candidates for President so the person in the White House isn’t a dysfunctional baby or tyrant who doesn’t have a clue about foreign policy. Maybe it’s a good idea so our President doesn’t seek the office for the wrong reasons, and so he or she doesn’t bring instability to the highest office in the land.

Should mental health check-ups be required for Presidential candidates? What do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment, either for or against. Why do you think they should or shouldn’t?

Ronna Lambiasi DeLoe


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#FeeltheBern–Can Bernie Still Win?


March 25, 2016

If you’ve been watching this election, or even if you’ve been doing everything you can to stay away from it, you know Hillary Clinton is leading in delegate counts among Democrats, even without the so-called Superdelegates. You also know that Bernie Sanders’ supporters have more passion for him than Hillary’s supporters have for her. Can Bernie pull off a major upset?

Caucuses on March 26, 2016

Look no further than the caucuses on Saturday, March 26, 2016 and we’ll all be in a better position to know where he stands. Caucuses in Washington State, Alaska and Hawaii will give us an idea if Bernie Sanders can make as much of an impact in the west as he did in New England and in some of the states in the Midwest.

Bernie’s supporters are passionate, ready to debate about their candidate, and will stand on lines for hours to vote for him. While many Hillary supporters feel strongly about her, she doesn’t bring out the passion in a lot of her supporters as Bernie does. The smartest thing both candidates can do is run together, but most news articles say that’s not going to happen. Nothing would bring the Democratic Party and Independents together as a Bernie/Hillary or Hillary/Bernie coalition but you know Obama didn’t ask Hillary to be his running mate so it’s unlikely to happen here.

What Happens in the West May Determine the Rest

Whether Bernie can pull off a major upset depends on what happens in the next few weeks, before states like New York and Pennsylvania vote. Then perhaps he can fool the pollsters again. They thought Hillary was going to beat Obama in 2008. Surprise! Didn’t happen. Can Bernie pull an Obama-like comeback?

Statistically it’s an uphill battle for him and he’d have to win by large margins, similar to the ones he won in Idaho and in Utah. But wait–Idaho and Utah gave him approximately an 80% lead in both states. That’s a landslide. If that’s any indication, he may have some life left in his campaign.

Tune in tomorrow to see what happens with the Washington, Alaska and Hawaii caucuses. And yes, many Democrats will end up voting for Hillary if she’s the Democratic candidate, if only to stop whoever the Republicans put up, although that’s a story for another day.

Social Injustice?

By the way, why is politics on a page about social injustice? That’s what Bernie Sanders wants to fix. And he’s got the moxie, momentum and brains to do it.

Ronna Lambiasi DeLoe


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